Cross-region backup and restore

PX-Backup supports back up and restore of data across regions. This enables backing up CSI snapshots, NFS shares, and so on in one region and restoring them in another region.

Cross-region support for GKE cloud provider

The PX-Backup native driver supports cross-region backup and restore of data for GKE cloud provider. So, there is no additional configuration needed to enable cross region backup and restore.

Cross-region support for AWS and Azure cloud providers

For AWS and Azure cloud providers, the PX-Backup native driver does not support the cross-region backup and restore. To enable the cross-region support:

  1. Run the following command to edit the kdmp-config config map present in the kube-system namespace:

    kubectl edit cm kdmp-config -n kube-system
  2. Add the following parameter in the data section:

    BACKUP_TYPE: "Generic"
    Note: You must add the above parameter on the source application cluster where you perform backup. It is not mandatory to add the parameter on the destination cluster where you restore.

Last edited: Thursday, Jan 20, 2022