Restore PVCs across storage classes

During restore, you can choose a storage class that is different from the original storage class with which the PVC was created using the following steps:

  1. Follow from steps 1 to 4 in the Restore a backup topic.

  2. From the Restore Backup window -> StorageClass Mapping section -> Destination storageclass(s) drop-down list, select the storageclass you want to restore.

    The Storage class mappings allow you to choose a specific storage class to restore the PVC. Based on the storage class of the backed up PVC and the type of backup taken, PX-Backup populates the Destination storageclass dropdown menu. The Source storageclass dropdown menu lists the storage classes associated with all the PVCs that are part of this backup. For each of these source storage classes, you can choose a corresponding storage class available on the destination while restoring.

    If you do not select any storage class from the Destination storageclass(s) drop-down list, then PX-Backup picks the default storage class set on the system.

  3. Click Restore.

Last edited: Thursday, Jun 22, 2023